So what is a Perception Study?

A perception survey offers an excellent way of exploring the views of investors.

The first step is to identify a target group of investors and potential investors whose views are valuable to the company. Each of these investors will then have an in-depth one-to-one discussion exploring a range of issues and themes. The relevant themes covered in the discussions vary from company to company.

These discussions are usually conducted on a non-attributable basis which, because we are an independent third party, allows investors to freely discuss their concerns without worrying about ongoing any relationship issues between the company and themselves.  The discussions are then analysed and detailed feedback is provided to the company.

This can then help management to define their future corporate strategy and communications.

Why do I need a Perception Study?

Increasingly, companies are working with specialist firms to help them get right to the heart of what their shareholders think.

A full investor perception study goes beyond the minimum requirements which simply aim to comply with the Corporate Governance Code. At a minimum, the Chairman and the Board have an obligation under the The UK Corporate Governance Code to be aware of the views of their shareholders:

E.1.1 The Chairman should ensure that the views of shareholders are communicated to the Board as a whole.
E.1.2 The Board should state in the annual report the steps they have taken to ensure that the members of the Board, and in particular the non-executive directors, develop an understanding of the views of major shareholders about their company, for example through direct face-to-face contact, analysts’ or brokers’ briefings and surveys of shareholder opinion.
Financial Reporting Council, The UK Corporate Governance Code. September 2012

A Perception Study allows a comprehensive investigation of issues and insights with your investors. This can add significant, tangible value to your communications and corporate strategy.

Our experience in both IR and the City allows us to fully engage with your investors and analysts.

I'd like to know more about Perception Studies

We offer two types of perception study

– a comprehensive, discussion based investigation of issues and themes, or

– you can chose to overlay a unique quantitative approach

Our quantitative approach to investor perceptions studies is a bespoke service combining investor targeting and analysis with a perception study through our ‘Capital Access Insight’ service. This methodology uses extensive data analytics to evolve opinions and investor strategies further.